Hello everyone! This is my new site. It make me so excited to start something new for my experience also my journey. I will write many journal that may discuss anything especially in tech and design side.

I will tell you why I’m start to build this site. On October 30, 2020, I participated in UXID webinar that discuss about product design world with the speaker Budi Tanrim, it’s an interesting webinar and to make story short, I got his website and inspired to write journals, projects, and some story about me.

Honestly, it’s not just because I was inspired by him, but I have a simple problem. How can i write down all of my portfolio which as time goes by more and more. Maybe the simple way is you can write it down in multiple page of your portfolio, but is not simple and clean way. It can be so messy if you give it to recruiter or someone that need your portfolio. So, built and utilized this site is more usable and accessible for anyone, anytime and everywhere!

Yes, I said utilized, because before this was a simple landing page that display all of my social media, which they are stalk me and get all my experiences. Here I show you how it looks.

nopals.xyz v1.0

In fact, that’s not give you any information and not profitable for me. So, utilized this site is the best way I can do to make greater impact for my journey, and careers. Maybe it’s the end of my first journal, I will tell you more in other journal and I hope we can get some learn and process it to make good impact for us and our environment, see ya!