What’s our company’s value? What’s our motivation at work? Who needs our help? Is a simple question but it will touch our mind even our heart. How do you answer that? All of this question will show how solid our goals are. I will tell you my thought about one of the most important values that must be in our company value, at least in our value.

Customer Obsessed

For me customer-obsessed is good anywhere, not only in the workplace, but in life as well. It will give us natural respect from the others, and will make us happy of course! If we talk in the context of the workplace, our customer is not only our users, but it may our partner, our leader, or everyone that need our help. A relationship is very important to make our work easier and fun, so do good things for them with a customer-obsessed mindset.

How about customer-obsessed to our users itself? For us that works for many users on direct or indirect communication with them, what we should do and must always keep it do is fast respond, quick solving, support them. Okay, we can breakdown one by one below:

  • Fast respond, Maybe we are busy, have another target, but maybe we forget to who or for who we are working on. Prioritize them, not to directly fulfill their needs, at least we know what they need and our prioritize, after we know about it, we can compare our prioritize and put it to our list to-do.
  • Quick solving, We should know the prioritize, but if users that need our help, it should be our priorities to maintain our trust and their comfort to our company or product. The key is quick solving, not solving with best practice way, with end to end flow or whatever. Why? Because our priority is to eliminate their error, their obstacle that will disturb their comfort, or maybe make a falter trust to our product. Solve it with minimum time, and effort, we can fully solve it later with our team.
  • Support them, is a comforting behavior like we are always there, so the trust and their loyalty will increase too, we can convey it with say good things to them when users contact us, give greetings, or 24-hour services!

The summary is customer-obsessed is a value for our mindset to keep a good image and keep our relationship with others. Maybe our plan will slightly disturb but is not a big deal than sacrifice our good image.