This is a basic thing that I learn, but it’s very helped me as a freelancer to handle the clients who don’t have complete data/copy for our prototype. Naturally, if we don’t have this idea, we collect all the data from the client until the data is complete and fulfill your prototype, but maybe we don’t think that the client has another business not only have business with us as a UI designer, so rather than waiting them give us what we need, better we do this idea. We can create a prototype with an empty state for the element with incomplete data.

Empty State

That’s it! looks pretty and we will make them think like “hmm, it’s cool, we can move on, and I can fulfill the data later, it’s not a big deal”. It will make design accepted earlier rather than waiting for the complete data/copy. Empty state or empty screen is not only used for empty data, but we can use it for error conditions too.